Malkavian Prophet of Gehenna

You are a harbinger of doomsday.

The Black Death of 1346 claimed the lives of every man, woman and child in your small village. You arose from your fevered dreams convinced that the end is nigh. You rode from town to town on the back of a pale horse, screaming for sinners to repent and reaping the souls of the disbelievers with a scythe.

Since becoming a vampire from Clan Malkavian, you have been obsessed with Gehenna. You have studied the signs in fragments of the Book of Nod and see the awakening of the Antediluvians in plagues, disasters and all manner of mini-apocalypses that ravage the world. You believe that on that apocalyptic night, Caine himself would return to judge the Kindred for their wages of blood and sin. Only you and your followers will be saved.

You may have kindled and influenced these cruel events, hoping that each nightmare hastens Gehenna and the fulfilment of your (deluded) visions and dreams. You smile and play the games of the Ventrue and Toreador while laying the seeds of chaos and entropy.

The Camarilla sees itself as the Ivory Tower. But it is not. It is a Tower of Babel, a monument to Malkav to spread the master’s maddening whispers.

Like Nero, you will play the fiddle while the world burns.