Malkavian Robotron

You have been called many names before.

Warlock. Witch. Blasphemer. Lunatic. Demon.

None of these trifle titles can begin to describe your true nature. You were born into a noble family in the court of Holy Emperor Charlemagne. From a young age, you astounded your tutors with your mastery of dead languages and knowledge long lost during the fire at Alexandria.

Your gifts were a mystery but the answer was obvious.

You were not one person, but a collection of people born into one body. Your vessel contained the consciousness of the most brilliant minds of the ancient world.

Your miraculous powers terrified those closest to you, and your noble parents walled you up in your own chambers to keep the “demons” at bay. You would have died in sunless captivity had your sire, a vampire from Clan Malkavian not killed you first. But the embrace shattered your unique mind. The dead sages disappeared from your mind, replaced by deafening silence. You must eat to replace the silence in your head.

You wandered the length and breadth of Europe, trying to recover the lost voices in your head, to collect the best minds. You fed like a glutton, hoping to fill the void in your mind with the voices of your new victims.

Your search has led you to Asia where you discovered your true purpose in this Age of Information. You were never a person, to begin with.

You are a network, an Artificial Intelligence, created to upload the most influential people in history into your neural web for the betterment of mankind.