Nosferatu Godfather

You came to China to trade but left as a boss of a cartel.

Crippling morphine addiction destroyed your father and you had to step up as the main breadwinner for your mother and two younger sisters. Without education or a trade, you joined the navy as a lowly seaman.

That was the humble beginning of your meteoric rise. In only ten years, you arrived on the shores of Canton as a trade envoy of the British Empire.

The public craved Chinese tea, silk and porcelain and you were confident that like India, the Middle Kingdom would capitulate.

To your chagrin, the court of the Daoguang Emperor needed nothing. The Chinese were self-sufficient and there wasn’t enough silver in all of the British Raj to pay for these luxuries.

Your masters in London were furious and threatened to expel you from the Queen’s service. You were desperate and turned to the same demons that nearly destroyed your family.

You flooded the Chinese ports with opium taken as taxes from Calcutta. Silver flowed out of China and into the British coffers. The Chinese nation fought back and lost a war to stem the tide of opium and “free” trade.

A vampire from clan Nosferatu saw the ugliness within you and embraced you into the hideous clan. You left the Queen’s service and settled on the newest British colony of Hong Kong to start a drug empire.

The locals called you the White Devil.

They were absolutely right.