5AD Bunker

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5AD Bunker is an immersive, interactive, live roleplaying simulation (LARP) about the last public space in a post-apocalyptic Singapore.

As survivors, participants must work together to define the purpose of the shared bunker, negotiate limits of use, and set priorities for a potential future. Will the last standing public space remain free or will it evolve into a privilege for a select few?

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5AD Bunker is an immersive live action roleplaying (LARP) simulation about life inside a doomsday bunker.

Flux, the mysterious contagion, swept through the world like wildfire. Each time the virus should have burned out, it mutated into a deadlier strain. Humanity never stood a chance. Our densest cities crumbled under the weight of thousands of infections. People died in the streets, just trying to get home. Fear and desperation led to widespread looting, hoarding, and finally, bloody murders. Our vaunted civilisation disintegrated into chaos.

Our only hope lies in a network of hermetically sealed bunkers. A shelter from the plague and the evils of men gone mad. A place where we can rebuild our species after this extinction event. Concrete salvation… courtesy of the mysterious Utama Foundation.

You are a survivor of the pandemic. A character pushed to their physical and mental limits. A desperado with one last chance. Feast on meagre rations. Make life-and-death decisions. Decide the kind of future humanity deserves (if it deserves one at all). This is the story of 5AD Bunker -- a public shelter where hope, death and melancholy make uneasy bedfellows. This is… home.

How to play

5AD Bunker features an immersive storyline not for the faint of heart.

  1. Fill in the booking form (
  2. RSVP on Facebook
  3. If you are selected for the bunker, we will send you with a character for the game before March.
5AD Bunker is supported by the SAD Bar Open Call as part of The Substation's 2019/20 programme, A Public Square. It is free to play. Learn more about the initiative at

However, spaces are very limited -- please do not book if you are not fully committed to playing this overnight simulation for at least 12 hours in character.

Get ready for a night of conspiracy, negotiation and ethical dilemmas. There is only one rule. If you step outside the Bunker, you die.

This is an extreme slumber party for the end of the world. Do you have what it takes to survive the night?