Bukit Brown School of Sorcery

[NOTICE] Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bukit Brown School of Sorcery has been cancelled.

Escape reality — dive into a hidden world of magic and monsters at the Bukit Brown School of Sorcery. Experience the most immersive and interactive live roleplaying game in Asia, brought to you by the creators of Dance of the Dead (2019) and Anarch Fight Club (2020).

Enroll as one of the many young wizarding students learning the rudiments of spellcasting. Play a quirky Professor of the Arcane Sciences, a teacher who has mastered a school of magic. Manifest as an enigmatic agent of the Ministry of Magic — a formidable Exarch of the Elements.

Explore the school grounds for hidden secrets and long-forgotten spells. Battle nightmares, monsters and Soul Eater defilers with our card-based spell duelling system. Complete your mystical quests (and your homework) — for the fate of the Weave lies in your hands.

Magic needs you.
Grab your wand.
Time to reshape reality.

Runtime: 3.5 hours
Recommended for age 16+

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COVID-19 Notice

In the light of the latest Ministry of Health advisory on COVID-19, we regret to inform you that the Bukit Brown School of Sorcery has been cancelled.

As the situation is still developing, we are not able to commit to a new date for any games at this time. This was a difficult decision to make, one which will disappoint the committed team that has invested so much time and energy into helping us craft special imaginary worlds, as well as our incredibly supportive player community. But we prioritise the safety of this community, and this is a time where we must look after one another. We have a much longer journey to travel together.


If you have purchased a ticket, please let us know if you’d like a full refund.

You may also choose to donate the cost of your ticket. Void Deck Games, like many small local arts companies, has been badly affected by this crisis, and your donation & contribution will help us to keep the space alive over the next few months. Players who choose to donate the cost of their ticket for the space’s upkeep will be required to rebook and pay for the game when it is staged at a later time.

You will have access to a complimentary mini larp workshop and introductory game before the actual event, with other donors who have helped to keep the School of Sorcery dream alive. During this session, your characters will get a chance to experience a hidden facet of the school, and earn a rare spell which will be added to your starting spellbook.

The Premise: Ring of Fire


Boxing Day 2019. Singaporeans were enthralled by a rare solar eclipse — a burning ring of fire. 

Hidden away from prying eyes, a desperate and deeply disturbed Professor led a class of young, innocent students in a forbidden ritual as the sun vanished from the sky.

The spell backfired. The resulting arcane explosion killed many ritualists — including Professor Yama — and unleashed a malevolent spirit into the school. 

The fabric of reality has been torn. Arcane energies are surging uncontrollably. The other Professors are horrified. How could this have happened?

The Ministry of Magic has dispatched an elite group of Elemental Exarchs to stabilize reality and investigate the presence of Soul Eaters inside the Bukit Brown School of Sorcery. These rogue mages must be found, stopped or terminated. Be they student or teacher.

Academy Student

(Recommended For New Players)

“Congratulations, yer a wizard, Hari!”

You are gifted. Streamed at a young age and saved from a life of mundane obscurity with “Sleepers”, you have a special affinity for a single school of elemental magic.

While you’re still a novice at manipulating reality, you are adept with minor spells and cantrips. There is still so much to learn and teachers are always bossing you around. On the bright side, no one cares about what mischief you’re up to.

As a survivor of Professor Yama’s recklessness, you are determined to seek justice for your slain friends and uncover the mystery.

  • 3 common spells
  • 10 mana cards
  • 1 elemental speciality and quest line
  • Student missions

All students must follow a strict dress code — white shirt with navy blue or black pants, skirt, or dress. An additional cloak, vest or jacket is optional. Students are also allowed to accent with optional accessories (eg. tie, bowtie, suspenders, hairpins, brooches, bows, etc) in their elemental colors:

  • Earth: Green, with floral & plant motifs
  • Fire: Red, Orange, Gold, fiery theme
  • Water: Blue, purple, aquatic theme
  • Air: White, silver, air/sound/music motifs



While your classmates are happy to discover magic through the Ministry-approved curriculum, you’ve found a shortcut to power.

You’ve read forbidden magical scrolls and you’re now on a dangerous path to unlimited power through the Void. The other mages are shackled by laws made by Sleepers. You have begun to strip away these false limits and unleash your full potential. The rules of magic don’t apply to you.

Professors & Faculty

What’s a school without teachers? Faculty staff are one of the most skilled magic users in Singapore. While others choose to grow their own power, Professors empower the next generation of wizards through lectures, experiments and student counselling.

These master magicians are a varied bunch. Quirky herbal potion brewers. Outlandish steampunk artificers. Sensual empathic mentalists. Capricious neko librarian. Preternatural martial artists. Sinister necromancers.

They may appear to be a disparate bunch. But harm a student and see the whole faculty unite to defend the school.

  • 5 common spells
  • 2 rare spells
  • 15 mana cards
  • 1 Faculty power usable once per game. (eg. Master of Potions)
  • An elemental speciality and quest line
  • Faculty missions

Professors and faculty staff are often clad in unique and offbeat garb that reflect their roles in the school more than their favoured elemental aspect.



You and your cabal of Soul Eaters discovered dark secrets that once lay dormant under Bukit Brown School of Sorcery. Despite the risks, you have tapped into this wellspring of power and the Void now courses through your veins. Now that you have tasted true magic, there is only one way forward.

Educate your students even if it means killing them first.


You are one of the most powerful mages in existence. You have complete mastery of an element, and you cast primordial spells effortlessly. It is no exaggeration to say you are the embodiment of an elemental pole of magic.

Though you were once an ordinary magus, the Ministry has rewarded your loyalty by infusing your being with raw elemental energy. With great power comes great responsibility. Each Exarch swears fealty to the Ministry of Magic- a regulatory body that governs the laws of magic on all magic users.

It is your duty to police reality. Rogue Mages. Vampires. Werewolves. These reality deviants threaten the stability of the world and it is your duty to restore order. You are the judge, jury and executioner. Woe to anyone who dares to defy you.

  • 7 common spells
  • 5 rare spells
  • 2 epic spells
  • 25 mana cards
  • 1 Exarch power usable once per game.
  • An elemental speciality and quest line
  • Exarch Mission



Exarchs appear as their favoured elements. Fire Exarchs appear as living flames. Air Exarchs are whispering angelic hurricanes. Water Exarchs are the sirens of Atlantis. Earth Exarchs are eruptions of floral and fauna.

Dark Pack

dark pack from white wolf

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