Toreador Salon: Gallery Opening Night


[NOTICE] Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this Toreador minilarp has been cancelled.

In the weeks after the Anarchs have been scattered by the Camarilla, Tristram holds a private viewing of his new sculpture collection at his gallery. Every Toreador who is anyone has been invited – and rumour has it – even the Prince himself might turn up. The Anarch Toreadors have also caught wind of this exclusive event, and plan to attend with their own objectives and petitions. They are, of course, welcome, as fellow lovers of beauty, so long as they do not violate the hospitality afforded to them.


  • Roleplay in character, get to know one another, build relationships – or make enemies
  • Players may scheme with their fellow clan members and advance their personal agendas
  • Court roles for Harpy and Clan Whip are currently vacant…
  • Some Anarchs intend to join or rejoin the Camarilla

Player-driven mini larp. One-off (never to be repeated).

Kindred – play a Toreador from Dance of the Dead 1 (Retirement Rave) or 2 (Anarch Fight Club)
Kine – play a celebrated human artist at the peak of your career

Lead Storyteller:
Raihan Harun

Player Liaison:
Lexis L (Tristam)

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COVID-19 Notice

In the light of the latest Ministry of Health advisory on COVID-19, we regret to inform you that the Toreador Gallery Opening has been cancelled.

As the situation is still developing, we are not able to commit to a new date for any games at this time. This was a difficult decision to make, one which will disappoint the committed team that has invested so much time and energy into helping us craft special imaginary worlds, as well as our incredibly supportive player community. But we prioritise the safety of this community, and this is a time where we must look after one another. We have a much longer journey to travel together.


If you have purchased a ticket, please let us know if you’d like a full refund.

You may also choose to donate the cost of your ticket. Void Deck Games, like many small local arts companies, has been badly affected by this crisis, and your donation & contribution will help us to keep the space alive over the next few months. Players who choose to donate the cost of their ticket for the space’s upkeep will be required to rebook and pay for the game when it is staged at a later time.

As a donor that support Void Deck Games, we will create a scene tailored to your character at the next session. You will also receive 6 BC instead of the usual 3 for playing the minilarp.