8 Dirty Tricks to WINNING at Battle Royale SG – Number 7 will SHOCK YOU!

1. Mislead. Misdirect. Misguide.

It’s everyone’s first time playing. Many players will be ‘blur’. Most people will ‘copy’ what other players are doing. Spread misinformation every chance you get. Weapon Drops. Safe Zones. Invigilators. Yell “Wah! Got soooo many guns over here!”

Watch as the crowd rush to that area. (ala Pokemon) Laugh gleefully as your enemies fight each other. Profit.



2. Aim for the face!

The target is in the centre of the body. But no one says you can’t blast cold water in the faces of your enemies right? People will dodge. Shoot back. Even run away screaming.

They can’t do any of that when they are blinded. Aim for the face. Watch tears stream down their faces as you send them back home.



3. Pay to win

Give yourself the best chance to win with proper equipment. The Ministry of Enlightenment does not let you wear a raincoat. But here are some other ideas:

Goggles. Non-slip shoes. Knee pads. Hand Towel. Gloves.

Be prepared. Pay to win.



4. Gang up on solo players

Some players want to challenge themselves to win Battle Royale alone.

Sign up as a pair or in groups of 4. Shatter their feeble illusions by using your extra man advantage and eliminating these stragglers first.

Gang up. Bully. And still graduate? Sounds like school.



5. Lay a trap

Location. Location. Location.

Like real estate and insurance agents, lay your trap in areas where people think they’re safe. Picture a rare super soaker lying under a stairway. It’s secluded. No one has seen it. A bored invigilator is standing by, picking his nose.

Your prey sniffs out a chance to grab a good weapon. It’s only a small detour.

Once your prey comes into range on the stairs… All 4 of you spring out from above and from below. No chance. No escape. No live enemies.



6. Buy drinks to reload.

Your water guns will eventually run out of ammo.

You also need to drink and rehydrate from all that cardio.

Buy drinks from VDG canteen operators. Spray your enemy with 100 plus.

They will hate you. (And love you for it.)



7. Betray your ‘friends’.

Step 1: Make friends with strangers.

Step 2: Pledge your loyalty.  

Step 3: Fight against other squads together.

Step 4: Add them on Facebook.

Step 5: Spray them when they run out of water.

Buy them drinks afterwards. (Cos you damm jibai. You should reexamine your life values. Also u need to reload after shooting them. See No 6.)



8. Shoot latecomers

Play area zones will close every 15 mins. Players have to get out or they are eliminated.

PUBG players and Fortnite players know what to do when the ‘circle’ is closing in on your enemies.

Camp near the border of the new legal zone. Watch as ‘latecomers’ try to cross over. Hose them down. You eventually knock them out or the marshals do when the zone closes in behind them.