Anarch Fight Club
Play a vampiric outlaw from one of the four legendary Gangs of Geylang.
Death at High Noon
An intimate, live, roleplaying Chamber Murder Mystery
Survive overnight in a post-apocalyptic bunker simulation
Bukit Brown
School of Sorcery
Enter a hidden magic academy, learn elemental secrets

Void Deck Games creates gateways to secret imaginary worlds where you walk in the shoes of compelling characters in extraordinary stories.

Bespoke Events

Void Deck Games creates site-specific stories that weave interactive theater and live action games. Here's why you should try our magical experiences and have us design an event for you!


Reach a deeper level of engagement with family, friends and communities through storytelling. Bond through shared adversity. Flex your collective intellect. Strengthen your team’s resolve in the pursuit of heady triumphs and cathartic tragedies.


Embark on secret adventures in the heart of the city and forgotten places. Walk in the shoes of another person and see the world through fresh eyes. Shed your identity. Pursue your curiosity and earn an unforgettable memory.


Level up through the act of play. Our stories and scenarios make you question your convictions. Embrace difficult choices and test your ethical limits. Discover your darker impulses. Emerge from the crucible a stronger version of yourself.

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What’s Next?

Interested in creating worlds with us? Join us in our next adventure, as an artist, writer, or gamemaster!