SAW 2023 – Forgotten Fragments

Date: 6-15 Jan 2023
Players: Unlimited (performances at set times)
Theme: Archaeology, Memory, History
Forgotten Fragments is an participatory puzzle game set in an archaeological dig, that invites audiences to sift through the sands of time to reassemble jigsaw sculptures of lost places in Singapore.

Magic Circus Monster Hunt (2022)

Date: 9-20 March 2022
Players: Unlimited (self-guided)
Themes: Fantasy, mythology, ethical dilemma
Magic Circus: Monster Hunt is a real-world Indiana Jones-style adventure game set in pockets of imagination within Esplanade and designed with digital storytelling integration. Commissioned by Esplanade for March On children’s festival.

Plarp: Play Labs for Larps (2022)

Date: Nov 2021 – Mar 2022
Participants: 8-10 x 2 runs
PLARP! Playful Larpmaking Workshops supported by the National Arts Council Singapore. For artists, writers, theatremakers, storytellers, roleplayers. Write a larp in a month. During this practical bootcamp, learn how to use larp design & game mechanics to bring agency to your audience.

Adventures of the Temporal Displacement Agency (2021)

Date: 10 April 2021
Players: 5 per session
Themes: Time Travel, Historical, WW2
Adventures of the Temporal Displacement Agency is an immersive mixed-reality game at the Substation, where players go back in time to a bunker to try to prevent the fall of Singapore.

Anarch Fight Club (2020)

Date: Jan-Feb 2020
Players: 55 per session
Themes: Gothic Horror, Class Struggle, Redemption
Anarch Fight Club is a 360 immersive larp that features vampire outlaws in one of the four legendary gangs of Geylang, clashing at an underground Fight Club to choose their next leader.

Dance of the Dead (2019)

Date: Nov-Dec 2019
Players: 50-55 per session
Themes: Gothic Horror, Political, Influence
Dance of the Dead is a 360 immersive larp that begins as a secret vampire rave party in a warehouse. The Prince has summoned all kindred in the city for a surprise…

Of Men and Martians (2018)

Date: March, May, July 2018
Players: 9 per game
Themes: Political intrigue, Science Fiction, Simulation
Of Men & Martians is an immersive role-playing game, held in a secret location in Singapore. It is a locally-made, creative experience filled with theatrical elements and game strategy.

Pulau Zombie (Cancelled)

Date: WIP
Players: 100 per session
Themes: Zombie Apocalypse, Survival
Pulau Zombie is a 13-hour immersive, open world game on an offshore island in Singapore, where players try to survive until sunrise.

Mutants & Mayhem (2016)

Date: Aug – Dec 2016
Players: 15 to 30 per session
Themes: Zombie Apocalypse, Evolution
Mutants and Mayhem is an immersive storytelling game at a warehouse in Ubi. You are characters in a story about perilous survival, blind hope and foolhardy courage. Choose between Mutants or Mayhem.

The Little Birds (2016)

Date: May 2016
Players: 5-8 players per session
Themes: Industrial espionage, conspiracy
Little Birds is an intimate, experiential spy game that starts in the hub of Singapore’s start-up scene at Block 71.