Design Philosophy

We are Void Deck Games. Singapore’s first Participation Design Studio.

Our vision is to transform Singapore’s culture through play.

We embody the HDB void decks of the past. This was a place where children would gather to play games of make-believe.

We create immersive and interactive, stories for adventurous, curious and imaginative people.
  • We perform in mundane, forgotten & invisible spaces...
  • Where we stage imaginary worlds and invite audiences to inhabit characters that act with real agency.
  • Our methodology fuses game-design, interactive theater and film to create an immersive live experience.


Dinner & Dances

We organise lush, compelling, interactive dinner theatre events based around contemporary pop culture themes.


Make your product launch pop with our unique immersive games for the public. Our games are designed for new and experienced players, so everybody shares in the fun.

Escape Games

We create immersive, challenging experiences that place you inside the story. Our games are designed by experts in human cognition and behavior to identify opportunities to improve team performance and satisfaction.

Workshops / Seminars

We organise seminars and workshops for startup hubs, tertiary students, school clubs interested in experiential storytelling and drama.