About Us

Design Philosophy

Void Deck Games Studios is Singapore’s first Immersive Participation Design Studio. Our vision is to transform Singapore’s culture through play. We embody the HDB void decks of the past. This was a place where children would gather to play games of make-believe.

We create immersive and interactive stories for adventurous, curious and imaginative people.
  • We perform in mundane, forgotten & invisible spaces...
  • Where we stage imaginary worlds and invite audiences to inhabit characters that act with real agency
  • Our methodology fuses participatory game design, interactive theatre, live roleplaying games (larps), and film to create an immersive live experience


In 2016, filmmaker, Raihan Harun, and designer, Joanne Lim, started an indie grunge studio in a warehouse, with a unique value proposition: Why settle for mundane existence? Escape reality and live your wildest fantasy.

Void Deck Games is an experiential entertainment company that focuses on immersive roleplaying. We create real-life adventures where ordinary people are cast into extraordinary stories. We are inspired by our youthful experiences, playing make-believe games with neighbours and friends underneath HDB void decks and organising larps in the early 2000s.

With over 20 years experience in participatory design, we are masters of using immersive theatre, game mechanics, and improvisation, to create immersion in the minds and the senses of our audiences. Lose yourself in a new persona and embrace the freedom of being someone else in a storytelling adventure.

We are the "Westworld" of Singapore. Be it surviving a zombie apocalypse or scheming in the Vampire-themed Game of Thrones. Rethink what you know about experiencing a story. Why watch a movie or a play, when you can be part of the action. Take a leap of faith, unshackle yourself from reality, and soar to the outer limits of your imagination. Come play our latest game today!