Toreador Socialite

You were born in a ditch with the face of an Angel.

Your mother left you on the steps of a convent, hoping that the nuns would raise you and cleanse the stain of your illegitimate birth.

You blossomed despite the mother superior’s harsh and austere upbringing. Your divine countenance drew many suitors to the convent, but your life was already promised to the Church. Frustrated, you decided to flee the only home you had ever known and brave the dangers of Venice.

You did not merely survive, you thrived. You became the favourite of the master artists and your unusual beauty became vogue at the heart of the Renaissance. Soon, you were receiving invitations to exclusive salons and balls hosted by the rich and powerful.

It was at one of these soirees where you met your sire, a vampire from Clan Toreador who had fallen in love with you.

In the centuries that followed, you cemented your place at the centre of Kindred society. You are the quintessential Harpy. You’ve silenced young brash Kindred with a look, brought Princes low with a careless whisper and dispatched your enemies with your cruel wit.

You are the soul of the Camarilla, and your life is a work of art, worthy of awe, envy and admiration.