Tremere Pawang Occultist

Do what you will and that shall be the law.

You lived by the words of Aleister Crowley long before he was born. Unlike a white witch who believed in blessings, cures and love poultices, you knew that magic’s real power was in the subjugation of the weak.

You hid your vile study and experimentation in the basement of your London home. However, the scent of rot and sulfur seeping from the water pipes and cobblestones drew the attention of Scotland Yard. Detectives were hot on the trail of Jack the Ripper. You would have been arrested had a vampire from Clan Tremere not embraced you into the clan of warlocks.

The detectives found stacks of bodies hidden in the walls of your house of horror but it was too late. You were already on a ship to the far east.

You landed in Malaya where you discovered an unknown school of magic. The Pawang’s spells did not just vanquish the human spirit, their eldritch power bent nature to their will. They could summon storms, quell man-eating tigers and compel spirits of the land to harm their enemies.

The native Malays did not shun nor lynch these shamans. Instead, they feared and at times, revered the Pawang and the supernatural. If you could learn this magic, you would dominate the land itself.

You dove into the Thaumaturgical study of animism and elemental forces until 1896, when you heard a voice calling you to in ancient Sanskrit to the island of Singapore. A primordial evil lay trapped under Fort Canning, formerly known as Bukit Larangan or “The Forbidden Hill”. It beckoned you to release it.

The mythical Sultans of Ancient Temasek took great pains to imprison and isolate the demonic presence and safeguard the world from its reality-warping power.

It’s exactly the sort of power you have been searching for to bring the world under your dominion.