Ventrue Tycoon

You are a modern-day Midas, whose hidden fortune would make the average billionaire blush.

A shipwreck off the coast of Cape Town left you the sole survivor and heir to your noble family’s modest estate in 1814. But instead of fortune, you inherited your father’s debts. Like most of the Victorian aristocracy, he sat idle on his wealth and had hoped that you would marry well to save the estate.

To spite his memory, you sold off the family estate and embraced the Industrial Revolution. You invested in factories, machinery and ships that sailed to colonies in the far east. Within five years, you built your own mercantile empire.

Your gift with commerce did not go unnoticed. A vampire, a former Knights Templar from Clan Ventrue embraced you and brought you into the Clan of Kings. You learnt how wealth is compounded over centuries by managing your sire’s fortune, which he had pilfered from the crusades.

Vampirism may be a curse but immortality has made you a perfect capitalist. You strategize for the long term and wield your massive portfolio like a heavy warhammer. Each swing would pummel markets up and down and you almost always make a killing.

While other vampires gorge on humanity, you devour companies, corporations and countries to satiate your insatiable thirst for wealth and power.