Previously, in Dance of the Dead 1…

Prince Wuruk's Retirement Party

The Kindred of Singapura descended onto Elysium on the darkest night of the year. Luminaries of the Camarilla graced the biggest event in the Kindred social calendar.

Itami Umikaze, Elder of the Tokyo Ventrue.
Catalina de Chevalier, the glamourous Siren of the Versailles Toreador.
Dante, a Lupine Hunter of Clan Brujah.
The disturbing Malkavian, Ileana L'atrode and her blood-bound brood.
Maxine of Clan Tremere, the celebrity spiritualist of Clan Tremere.
Even the craven monster, Corvus Van Niets of the Nosferatu, braved the glare of the spotlight.

They had come to answer the summons of Prince Hayam Wuruk, the Elder of Clan Toreador. The Ancient blooded scion of Majapahit welcomed newcomers, enacting the Camarilla Tradition of Hospitality. Many new Kindred were acknowledged and embraced to the fold.

The Eldest Toreador recalls he too was once a visitor to these shores. In fact, he was a political exile, an enemy of other native vampires of the region. He invited the European Camarilla to colonise his enemies’ domains and became the first Camarilla Prince of the Nusantara.

To the astonishment of the Kindred, Prince Wuruk announced that he would be abdicating the Temasek Throne. Like other thick-blooded Elders, Hayam Wuruk must answer the beckoning of the Antediluvians. The mythical founders of each bloodline. For the first time in 672 years, Singapura would be without a vampiric Prince. The melancholic Toreador invited members of the court to seize praxis and become the next ruler.

Primogen Richard Godfrey of Clan Ventrue painted himself as a natural successor to the Prince, to the chagrin of the caustic Primogen Mendika of Clan Nosferatu. Even Danielle de La Croix, the off-kilter Malkavian Primogen, was volunteered as a possible candidate. Only the Tremere stood apart, Professor Henry Gan ruling that the Tremere would not participate to avoid further destabilizing the Camarilla. Several neonates put forward their bold claims. Edward Windsor of Clan Ventrue even dared to claimed the title, in defiance of Primogen Godfrey.

The crash of cartons and the shattering of glass interrupted these deliberations.

Ah Seng (Emissary) and Jackson, two Brujah from the Anarch Movement gate-crashed the rave party, brandishing baseball bats in brazen defiance of Elysium. When challenged by Prince Wuruk, Ah Seng hurled a bag of ashes at Godfrey.

“He killed our brother, Chin Siong!”

The Ventrue Primogen’s response was to laugh off this ridiculous charge. A swift exchange erupted, with the Brujah accusing the Ventrue leader of assassinating their leader and invading their turf in Geylang. Primogen Godfrey’s taunts drove Jackson to near frenzy and the neonate threw himself at the Elder.

“Stand down in the name of your Prince!” Wuruk bellowed, evoking the power of his Majesty onto the crowd. The Prince acknowledged that while the Anarch leader, Chin Siong was a thorn in his side, his unlife was guaranteed under Camarilla law.

Godfrey protested his innocence. Seizing the opportunity, Prince Wuruk declared that whoever rules as Prince must police the domain and uphold the traditions of the Camarilla. As such, the Kindred who solved the mystery of Chin Siong’s death would be next in line to be Prince of Singapore, through the Temasek Throne.

Buoyed by the prospect of power, the gathering of vampires dissipated into private clan meetings to discuss their next political moves.

Brujah / Anarch Rumors

Ah Seng and the Brujah had not only come to the gathering to seek justice for Chin Siong. They came to recruit neonates of other clans to abandon the Camarilla and join the Anarch Movement.

The free-wheeling warrior, Tyler Lee was asked to choose his allegiance. Should the tarot reader choose his clan or the Camarilla? He drew a card, saw the future and chose the Camarilla.

Kody Bastard leapt to the defense of the Malkavian Primogen, Danielle De La Croix after she was threatened by Dempiere De La Croix, a Ventrue scion, over an ancient family dispute. The confrontation escalated quickly as more Brujah and Ventrue were drawn into the conflict. Kody had earlier convinced majority of the Malkavians to defect to the Anarchs in exchange for protection, and a three-way fight almost broke out -- until Godfrey used Majesty to quell the entire crowd.

Malkavian Rumours


A pod of Malkavians collectively tapped into the Malkavian Madness Network, and discovered that the murdered Chin Siong was not in fact a Brujah but a fellow Malkavian.

Malkavians were observed pranking leaders of the other clans throughout the night. The Tremere were doused with holy water. The Ventrue Primogen was humiliated in public. After cornering Nosferatu Primogen Mendika with mirrors and lights, Ah Siu and the other Malkavians saw the Nosferatu leader’s aura wavering erratically when questioned if he was involved in Chin Siong’s death.

Luna Tic, Messian Tic and Janet from HR channelled the power of an ancient Javanese Malkavian to drive Prince Wuruk momentarily insane. The Elder confessed that he was sent by a reclusive Methuselah more than five hundred years ago to make contact with the Camarilla.

Nosferatu Rumors

Primogen Mendika tasked Broodmaster Koel and the other Nosferatu to accumulate an array of Influence in a desperate attempt to delay the completion of the Circle Line (for an unknown purpose).

Hashmal was seen gathering a group of diverse and highly-skilled operatives from each clan for a secret mission for the Camarilla.

Corvus Van Niets was overheard boasting to Mendika about spreading a plethora of devastating rumours that sowed chaos throughout the night -- betraying the Ventrue Dempiere de la Croix in full view of the court.

Toreador Rumours

Prince Hayam Wuruk declared that no one but a Toreador must be allowed to succeed him. After all, Singapura is his magnum opus and only Arikel’s blood is worthy of his masterpiece.

Alejandra de la Parra stunned, entranced, and moved her fellow Toreador to tears with her masterful performance with a violin.

Tristam revealed himself to be the Prince’s childe when the doll collector was nearly struck by his sire for forgetting the six Traditions of the Camarilla.

Primogen Michelangelo noted that the position of Harpy had been vacant far too long, but a distracted Prince Wuruk snubbed and dismissed his concerns.

Tremere Rumours

Tensions are running extremely high in Clan Tremere. An explosion ripped through their Chinatown chantry, as precious magical artefacts were stolen in a devastating attack by unknown assailants. The main Vienna chantry sent a new Regent to oversee the investigation.

Intelligence officer, Eli and arcane collector, Rick, convinced other apprentices to ambush Professor Henry Gan with an accusation that he was behind the explosion. A Nosferatu claimed that the Primogen had imported a suspiciously large amount of fertiliser, a key ingredient in bomb-making.

Maxine deceived Tak the Brujah, and pinned the deaths of his coterie mates on the eldest Ventrue, Baron Godfrey. This accusation ultimately led to Godfrey's disgrace and downfall within his clan hierarchy.

Ventrue Rumours

Primogen Godfrey refused to allow other Ventrue to contest praxis. Instead, he ordered the board of Ventrue to form a coalition to support his bid as Prince. Itami Umikaze and Dempiere (Robert) de La Croix rose in challenge and split the clan of Kings into three factions.

Some Ventrue were keen increase their investments in Geylang, in a bid to usurp Anarch territories. Sheriff Zhao Yun drew his gun on a fellow Ventrue for defying the Primogen. Shots were fired.

At the end of the night, Prince Wuruk shredded their coalition treaties openly and laughed in the face of the humiliated Godfrey.

The Kindred gathered back in the rave hall. 

“Ah Seng!” Henry Gan’s voice boomed.

With flair, the Tremere feng shui master revealed that his apprentices had conducted a blood ritual to contact the spirit of Chin Siong. This ritual used the Brujah fledging Jackson as a conduit to the underworld. The Malkavians interrupted the ritual with their holy water and sent the ritualist, Alexei and his entire circle into a tailspin. The furious spirit of Chin Siong emerged but so did a deep psychosis that dwelt within the same vampire. A madness that lay at the core of the deceased Anarch leader. Chin Siong was no Brujah -- but a Malkavian! 

Seizing this opportunity, Prince Wuruk claimed that Chin Siong forsook his vows of acknowledgement and thus, his citizenship, by lying about his lineage. As such, even if Primogen Godfrey did murder his hated rival, this was no crime under Camarilla law. The Prince then accused Ah Seng scandalizing the judiciary and bringing disrepute to the court of Singapore.  He ordered Ah Seng to be arrested. 

As hostile vampires moved in, Jackson appealed to the Camarilla that this was Elysium after all. A safe neutral ground for all vampires regardless of their political affiliations. But as Ah Seng put it -- the same rules did not apply to everybody. Chin Siong's murderer was still in the wind.

The Anarchs would not give up their leader without a fight. A protective circle formed around Ah Seng as the rest of the Kindred surrounded the Anarchs. Ah Seng, worried for his brethren, appealed to the Anarchs to stand down.

"Jackson! Stop it. My life is not worth all of yours. Just... go. It was my mistake to come here. To think we could get justice for Chin Siong."

He was a willing sacrifice in the name of peace. An all-out battle would result in annihilation for the young Brujah and their newly-recruited allies.

The Sheriff Zhao Yun seized Ah Seng, and dragged him to an abandoned industrial lot, away from Elysium.

The Kindred of the Camarilla -- save for the Anarchs and their sympathisers, a few Nosferatus and Malkavians -- followed in a sombre candlelit procession behind the Prince. Ah Seng was chained to a pillar and doused with kerosene.

Prince Wuruk invited Catalina, one of his favourite protogés, to sing a haunting aria to mark the end of Ah Seng's unlife. Ah Seng responded by singing a traditional Chinese song and said,"If you were an Anarch, you would be able to sing whenever you felt like it -- instead of only when commanded to.”

The other leaders of the clans present said a few words for the Brujah before his execution. "Your crimes have come to light and you finally meet a fitting end," said Henry Gan, gravely.

"Burn in hell, worm." Godfrey spat.

Mendika whispered nervously, "Your secrets are safe with me, old friend."

One by one, the Primogen blew out their candles, as a show of support of the execution. Their fellow clansmen obediently follow suit.

"Let this kindred’s death be a solemn reminder to all enemies of our glorious sect. The Camarilla is only as strong as its laws. All who defy the Camarilla, break its Traditions and defy the Elders will perish."

Prince Wuruk tossed the last lit candle onto Ah Seng, as the Kindred’s screams of pain echoed across the halls. The Prince led the assembled Kindred back to Elysium, satisfied that justice had been served.

Meanwhile in Elysium, Jackson and the Anarchs lamented over the death of Ah Seng. The pair of Malkavian Primogens, Danielle de la Croix and Mad Mary, attempted to console him the best they could.

Danielle, an Elder weary of unlife, in a fit of insane empathy, allowed Jackson to diablerize her. The three lights were aligning, and she would shed her final vessel. The first Anarch revolt started with diablerie. She predicted that Jackson would be the spark that starts the second Anarch Revolt of Geylang. Her blood would strengthen Jackson, and in doing so, strengthen the Anarch movement that he would now lead, in Chin Siong's and Ah Seng's absence.

After draining her of blood and killing her, Jackson, relishing in his newfound power -- rallied the young rebels to resist the tyranny of the Camarilla elders. He grabs a spray can.

Angered by the Prince’s unjust execution of Ah Seng, the Anarchs and the Malkavians enter the art gallery, and vandalised the Prince’s prized painting collection. Even the walls were not spared the spray paint. Tan Cheng Block and the L'atrode family were responsible for wrecking the most havoc within the gallery.

The execution party returned to Elysium. Ones with keener senses noticed the reek of fresh paint.

Primogen de la Croix, drained of blood, lay dead, next to the Temasek throne. Her body puppet, Robert, was motionless, rags spilling out of him.

Shaking, Prince Wuruk followed the trail of destruction to his precious art gallery. With trembling hands, he yanked the black curtains aside -- revealing his priceless paintings.

A giant dick had been spray-painted across the centrepiece!

He began to frenzy at the sight of his ruined gallery -- tore his painting off the walls and smashed it to on the ground. At the foot of a grinning Jackson.

Serves you and your corrupt Camarilla right!” jeered Pitman, young Brujah filled with rage at the loss of his leader. 

Prince Wuruk snarled. This insult could not be overlooked.

Godfrey! Gan! Mendika! Prepare your clans. We are going to war!"