Adventures of the Temporal Displacement Agency (2021)

mixed realities

Adventures of the Temporal Displacement Agency (ATDA) is mixed-reality and immersive role-playing experience where five participants play pre-written time travellers in an unfolding story. You travel back to a bunker in 1942 to decide if the fall of Singapore is necessary to ensure the birth of a nation.

For audiences more familiar with conventional theatre, ATDA forms an extension of the forum theatre format, with the introduction of a greater agency on the participant’s part to take control over how the story plays out. Participants are expected to improvise with performers, creating a unique theatrical experience each time.


ATDA is a commission by the Substation as part of the programme’s Timelines. It was presented to a small group of player-participants at the Substation on 10 April 2021, and live-streamed on Twitch. A 360 virtual, as well as physical exhibition was also presented in the immersive set after the performance and broadcast.


Join a shadowy agency that deploys Void Navigators to change history and bring about the best version of Singapore. Your mission is to go back to 1942 and stop the Fall of Singapore.

What could possibly go wrong?

Twitch broadcast: Watch Sam See, and Bakchormeeboy LARP for the first time. Veteran LARP player, Syrena- Singapore's First Mermaid will show our nascent Void Navigators the ropes while trying to avert the horrors of the Japanese Occupation.


Bakchormeeboy: ★★★★☆ "If it’s one local company that knows how games can be used to tell great stories, it’s Void Deck Games."

Sam See: "My first LARPing experience and it ended in my cranky doctor character becoming M_______n. WHAT A TWIST."


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Substation Co-Artistic Director:
Woon Tien Wei

Director, Larpwright & Sound:
Raihan Harun

Producer & Experience Designer:
Joanne Lim

Writer, Stage Manager & Lighting Designer:
Ang Kia Yee [Potato Productions]

Programme Manager:
Marilyn Giam

Set Production:
Derrick Lim

Beverly Liang

Makeup Artist:
Lianne Chia

Facilities & Technical Manager:
Muhammad Isyraf Bin Sabtu

Azril Bin Athni
Mohammed Hafiz Bin Mohammad Shamsudin
Nur Aliff Bin Osman
Rahmat Bin Buang

Stage Assistant:
Joel Lim
Wong Chee Meng

Leow Simin

Twitch Streamers:
Vanessa Tan [Position Five]
Kirill Stetsyuk [Position Five]

Jason Su

Zhirong Foo [Fox Foo Photography]

VR Documentation:
PG Lee


Nisha Marie Joseph as "Professor Nyra"
Pioneer of time travel technology, Professor Nyra is the Lead Scientist at the Temporal Displacement Agency; a confidential project of the Utama Foundation. Ageless, extremely intelligent and somewhat unstable, she has seen too much.

Karen Tan Bee Lin as "Jacqueline"
Jacqueline is a single mother who is protective of her daughter, Sophia. She is a successful self-made businesswoman in the textiles trade with Japanese exporters.

Konrad Kuc as "Father De Silva"
A devout and respected priest. Father De Silva is the confessor of the Governor who holds considerable influence with the British. He is a humble peace-keeper with natural leadership.

Kelly Choo as "Sophia"
Sophia is about to marry Boon How in a secret ceremony, on Valentine's Day. She is English-educated, obedient, very much in love; and disinterested in politics and creating trouble through conflict. She wants a simple and happy family life.

Yoap Rui Hang as "Boon How"
Boon How is a Chinese-educated, anti-Japanese, pro Chiang Kai-shek supporter who is intelligent, serious and troubled. He is also an art teacher from the Nanyang school whose close friends are the caretakers of the Tao Nan School. His best man is missing from the wedding party, recently caught and outed as a spy.

Shane Gavin as "BBC Radio Announcer" [voice]
Alternative ending.


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