Caliban’s Island (2024)

Caliban’s Island

This enchanting theatrical experience invites audiences into a world of magic and mystery where families find themselves shipwrecked on a mystical island. The twist: their beloved parents and caregivers have been transformed into animal hybrids, their only means of communication being barks, squawks, bleats, and meows.

Guided by the enigmatic sorcerer Prospero, they must gather two extraordinary ingredients from an enchanted, mysterious island to brew a potion of transformation. Along the way, they must navigate the island’s mysteries and ultimately decide if they prefer a world without parental control. The fate of the adults now rests in their hands.

Caliban’s Island takes audiences on a captivating journey filled with adventure, emotion, and self-discovery as they navigate the challenges of the island and the complexities of family relationships. This is a tale of redemption, sacrifice and the enduring bond between children and their caregivers.

Caliban’s Island (8–17 March 2024) is an Esplanade commission for the March On children’s festival, performed twice daily, in locations open to the public.


Inspired by William Shakespeare‘s The Tempest, Caliban’s Island is an interactive play where audiences play characters and advance the story by making challenging choices, interacting with professional actors, and completing quests by wandering around the Esplanade. Children may take part in activities like archery, art vandalism, noise pollution, fleeing justice, hide-n-seek, scavenger hunt and puzzle solving (aka ship repair) to complete quests around Esplanade.


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Cast and Crew Credits

Prospero – Feroz J Malik
Caliban – Oleg Chaykun
Trinculo – Sam Secomb
Miranda – Kira Chung-Logan
Ariel – Joel Lim

Writer / Director – Raihan Harun
Producer – Joanne Lim
Production Manager – Yeo Hon Beng
Stage Manager – Yeo Hon Beng
Assistant Stage Manager – Teo Li Lin
Assistant to ASM – Kathleen
Costume Designer – Lexis Lu
Hair & Makeup Designer – Cherylynn Poh (CatScratch FX)
Set Designer – Eve Tan
Videography / Archival Footage – Kyaw Zin Thant Winston & Andrew Aung