Mutants & Mayhem (2016)


In a world threatened by viral extinction, Colony 13 was a rare refuge against hordes of roaming infected mutants that rule the streets of fallen Singapore. However, the outer perimeter has just been breached, and nearly every man, woman and child has fallen and joined the ranks of the mutant swarm.

As the sun begins to set over Colony 13, mutant pods are readying to make a final push to exterminate the last human pests – by harnessing the power of mutation, gathering intelligence on human patrols and infiltrating the force field barriers that hold the mutant mob at bay.

The few human survivors have to plot their escape with limited weapons and ammunition. Outnumbered and barricaded on the second floor, the last remnants of Company Mayhem have to brave the infested warehouse to gather supplies for a long journey to the next colony.

Experience Mutants & Mayhem, a riveting survival experience in this real-life adventure game.



Mutants & Mayhem is a storytelling RPG (game) that takes place in real life. You play a character in a story about perilous survival, blind hope and foolhardy courage. During the game, you interact with actors and fellow players in your new persona.

Join the game as an infected tribal Mutant or a human colonist from Company Mayhem. Mutants increase their mutation powers by accomplishing spy or kill missions for mutation points. Humans have to succeed at mini quests to earn extra health, ammo, or clues to unravel the mystery.




game playthrough


player interview: sam the howler


behind the scenes: lady magog’s ritual circle