Of Men and Martians (2018)

Of Men and Martians

Would you be a better politician than Trump? Here's your chance to Make Mars Great Again!


The year is 2071. Earth is in its death throes.

Our only hope lies in the colonisation of Mars.

Step up and take control of the Federated States of Mars.

Write a new chapter in humanity's storied history as one of the ruling Councillors!


Of Men & Martians is immersive role-playing game, held in a secret location in Singapore. It is a locally-made, creative experience filled with theatrical elements and game strategy. Each game is an intimate session held with just 9 players, over 3-4 hours.

It's your mission to keep the Mars colonisation project on track. Keep food, fuel and oxygen levels up to sustain human life. Build projects for the coming years. Pass new laws. Terraform land. Increase morale. Purge traitors.

Although the Council appears loyal and united, not everyone shares the same vision for Mars. Everyone has a secret agenda. There may be Separatists amongst you hoping to trigger a popular revolt. There are even rumours of a native mind-controlling parasite that may have infiltrated the Council.

Weather the colony through years of escalating crises and social upheaval over 3 hours. Brace yourself for nail-biting scenarios as you collaborate, strategise and sabotage your way to bring forth the Martian civilisation that you desire.

With the world in crisis, what kind of leader would you be?

Choose one of 9 character roles and take your seat on the ruling Council of Mars! Tap to expand:

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Book your seat on the ruling Council of Mars. Over 3 hours, you and your team will plot the destiny of an entirely new civilization. Debate projects. Enact policy. Resolve crisis. Purge your enemies. Of Men & Martians promises a riveting roller coaster ride of political intrigue, resource management and betrayal that will have you enthralled to the very end of the world.

For private bookings, gather a group of 9 friends to enjoy an intimate with Void Deck Games. Email us to book directly!


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A delicate mix of role-playing, performance, and fine entertainment. Singapore's true fringe.


Loved it! It was a great experience, had loads of fun even though i'm always not very good at games. 3 hours well spent, looking forward to the next one! 


Amazing gamemasters who create and facilitate amazing games. There's a lot thought, heart and soul put into the creation and delivery of these one-off games, making them an experience not to be missed. And for an indecently worthwhile price too! Kudos to the team. Will be back for their future games soon!


Absolutely fun!!! Void Deck Games gives you the special opportunity to live out your roleplaying fantasies in a friendly and immersive setting surrounded by like-minded players!

Of Martian and Mars is simply your scifi wetdream brought to life! [redacted] The dungeon masters were so wonderfully warm and friendly keeping the immersive feeling for over four hours making us shout “OMG” way too many times to count. To anyone looking to roleplay, meet friends, have fun -- Of Men and Martians is the perfect game for you!


I was invited by my brother to play this game. Walked in, had no idea what I was in for, apart from "Role Playing Game". I've gotta say that the experience was awesome and every facilitator brought their A-game for their roleplaying and familiarity with their own game. The roles and the story they've weaved into it felt very apt and well thought out (in terms of consequences of in-game actions) for a "Human trying to colonize Mars" narrative. It felt a little like Town Of Salem. Whoever loves D&D or card RPGs, you should definitely try this!


Of Men and Martians with its mix of role-playing, sci-fi and collaborative fun sprinkled with allusions to real-world events makes for a wonderful evening. The game masters do an amazing job of prepping participants, setting the scene and acting out scenarios, and maintaining the energy of the game throughout. 


Of Men and Martians was a very well thought-out game. The enthusiasm of the game masters was very infectious as well - so much so that all of us at the table kept in character for virtually the entire duration of the game. Thank you Raihan and Jo (and Shawn from soft/WALL/studs) for being such wonderful hosts  ★★★★★

If Settlers of Catan, Dungeons & Dragons and postcolonial political theory came together and had a baby, OF MEN AND MARTIANS would probably be that squalling, splendid mutant child. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening of political intrigue and resource management that kept all of us on our toes. Looking forward to more of your games and collaborations!


Wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I signed up since it was my first time playing such a game, but it was definitely one of the most enjoyable and unique experiences I’ve had! The game had well thought out and realistic scenarios, developments, as well as character roles, but also left a lot of room for creative thinking and flexibility that engaged every player. Though there was a lot going on concurrently, the game masters were clear in their explanations and were great facilitators. Thanks so much for the experience!


Of Men and Martians was an absolutely amazing game, with an interesting narrative and fun segments! It was an amazing first time at playing an RPG-Strategic game hybrid for me and thank you for the wonderful time 


This Werewolf meets d&d game had players guessing till the very end. Small decisions had huge impacts in the long run and figuring out which players were saboteurs kept us on the edge of our seats.

The game was incredibly immersive and the plot well-written. Looking forward to their next event!


Of Men and Martians was such a stimulating game! I loved how the game masters were invested in their roles and they really played out the different crisis really well. Looking forward to the future games 


One of the... Actually the most amazing game I ever attended in Singapore. Was blown away by the acting, the game mechanics, and the critical thinking that went into Of Martians and Humans.

Can't wait to play in more of your projects!


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