The Little Birds (2016)

The Story

As plumes of haze from forest fires blanket Singapore and the neighbouring regions, a whistleblower has uncovered incriminating evidence of a local connection to the environmental disaster.

You play the role of anonymous contractors hired to steal information that can expose corruption and greed at the heart of the story.

From the moment you tail your target though the alleyways of Singapore, you are in danger of getting caught. Disguise, stealth and fast talk your way through a chain of challenges as you carry out covert missions in plain sight. The Kingfisher, your shady spymaster, is depending on you. The chase is on.

This real life espionage role-playing game has been designed for active adults in groups of 5 to 8. It is a stealth urban adventure that will take you both outdoors as well as indoors.


“Little Birds” is an immersive urban exploration espionage game where groups of players take on the role of corporate spies. Players are hired by their shady spymaster, the Kingfisher, to steal information from Nightingale’s laptop -- a young woman who was attempting to blackmail her employers, Kaya Raya Pte Ltd.

In their undercover personas, players meet various actors and carry out exciting spycraft activities that uncover irregularities with their employer’s story. In the course of their investigation, players accomplish mini missions (Surveillance, Impersonation, Intelligence Gathering, Theft, Infiltration, Extraction) that form the bulk of their experience before the exciting finale. There are a few different endings, depending on player choices.

Genre: Spy Game, Immersive, Urban Exploration

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