Character Creation

4 Gangs of Geylang

Before you begin your game, choose one of these vampire gangs in Geylang to swear fealty to. This choice determines your opening scene into the game.


This traditional ‘number’ triad was once led by the charismatic Brujah, Chin Siong. Its numerous members are mostly Chinese and it was initially formed to protect and help immigrants from China find employment in colonial Singapore. Its illegal activities include narcotics, extortion, online scams and prostitution. Other notable leaders: Ah Seng (deceased) and Jackson.

If you attended Dance of the Dead 1 and want to defect from the Camarilla to join the Anarch faction, select Jackson's gang to continue your story.

Costuming Tips:

Members of triad 19 are almost always dressed uniformly in black or white jackets and coats. Based on your status in the gang, you may accessorise with flashy gold chains, pins and rings.

Bakar Batu Boys

This infamous motorcycle gang is the strategic muscle within the Underworld. The sound of motorcycles revving signals death on two wheels. Its fearsome leader is the notoriously violent, Salim Palun, a Gangrel former special operations commando who runs the gang like a military outfit.

Anarchos, the gestapo of the Bakar Batu Boys, are mostly ex-military and provide security for the enigmatic Enam Jahanam (Infernal Six). These men and women have all been handpicked by Salim Palun himself.

Costuming Tips:

This ultraviolent biker gang has a vicious gothic punk aesthetic, and take pride in their complex, heavily studded, leather and denim jackets, with sewn or iron-on patches, pins, bottle caps and hardware, as well as extremely distressed ripped and bleached jeans, leather biker boots. Uniquely coloured shoelaces signify their rank in this squad (bring some).


There is a legend in Geylang about a prominent sex worker who tore out the eyes of her pimp, subdued the others to her banner and completely conquered the vice business in Geylang. Her name is Del and it is the only gang that bears the name of its founder.

Costuming Tips:

The Del Syndicate has many diverse individuals. Direct underbosses are dressed in business attire, projecting authority and seriousness, complimented by tasteful, understated, unique one-of-a-kind accessories. Sex workers and pimps are often dressed flamboyantly, outshining the rest of the gangs in sheer style. Enforcers and corrupt cops might turn up for the Fight Club in their street clothes or padded body armor, ready to thrown down if any fights break out.

Sons of Abel

Social workers. Vigilantes. Miracle Workers. The Sons are the self-appointed protectors of Geylang. Through a network of shelters, places of worship and clan associations, the Sons protect the homeless, the runaways and the helpless from the worst excesses of the streets. This group is led by Father Matthew

Costuming Tips:

The Sons of Abel are protectors of the streets. They are martial artists, street samurai and bare knuckle fighters who protect the lost, hungry and homeless.

Wear protective gear, masks and clothing meant to intimidate criminals and hide your identity. Some Sons of Abel serve as social workers and counselors; they dress in normcore athleisure to blend into the crowds, offering comfort and spiritual help.

9 Anarch Clans

These are the 9 clans available for play in Anarch Fight Club. This choice affects your character's vampiric powers and abilities.


Quick to anger and always passionate, the Brujah are known to be a clan of warrior philosophers, rebels and activists. They are often strong advocates for causes — fighting against oppression and tyranny in the hope of a better world. They feel their mortal passions more deeply than other vampires, and often attack first, verbally or physically — asking questions later. Members of this clan love a cause, and will eagerly act to right any perceived wrongs. Many see them as unruly roughnecks that should not be messed with. They come together in gatherings called rants, where they give passionate speeches, challenge rivals to one-on-one combat, or drum up support for crusades against the status quo. They are often the unstoppable fighting force that drives revolutions throughout history. [wiki]

Caitiff (Thin-blood)

Loners abandoned by their sires, or from a flawed or unknown lineage. These thin-blooded vampires have no inherent clan weakness, but often lack the safety net of a Clan structure. Caitiffs often suffer a social stigma from not being a part of an accepted clan, and established Kindred (in the Camarilla) often snub or denigrate Caitiff freely. Choose any 3 discipline powers to be your clan disciplines, and start with 2 basic known. Your startingstat array is slightly lower, and Caitiff / Thin-bloods have no Blood Pool to heal from. [wiki]


Animalistic nomads who hold closer ties to the wild places than most of their city-bound cousins, masters of the Protean Discipline. They were one of the seven founding clans of the Camarilla, but became disillusioned with the sect, its elders eventually deciding to sever its ties and become an independent clan. [wiki]


Although gifted with adept insight, all members of the Malkavian clan suffer from a random form of macabre insanity. The transition from mortal to unlife is particularly devastating for Malkavians; their minds are shattered, and all have been driven over the sharp brink of madness — while simultaneously unlocking a supernatural gift of insight and prophecy. Many assume roles of seers and oracles among Kindred and kine, bound by strange compulsions and the ability to perceive what others cannot. Through their unique filters of madness and foresight, they see the world differently and often try to educate and enlighten others to higher truths. These lessons often take the form of pranks — elaborate, horrifying, dangerous pranks that only Malkavians seem to appreciate and understand. [wiki]

The Ministry (Set)

Devout followers of the Egyptian God Set, Setites are masters of corruption and deceit. They are practitioners of the ancient sorcery known as 'Serpentis', and often utilize their skills in temptation and subversion to bring spiritual liberation to all of Kindred kind. [wiki]


The most visibly cursed of all Kindred, the Embrace warps each Nosferatu into a hideous creature. Nosferatu deformities are so cruel and vicious that many who are Embraced do not survive. They shun mortal society, lest they reveal their vampiric nature. Isolated, and unified by their disfigurement, they form deep bonds with other members of their clan. Masters of the underground, they make their homes in the sewers in large cities, with monstrous ghouled animals to protect them. They are exceptional information-brokers that collect secrets, spy on, and frequently blackmail vampires and human alike. [wiki]


Clan Toreador are sensuous, gregarious hedonists, known for their beauty as well as their cunning. The Clan of the Rose is the most refined group of vampires, always found at the cutting edge of mortal art and culture, united in their obsession over beauty and art. They are often writers, artists, and creators; artisans enjoying an immortal life of pageantry and sensuality. Or they may be critics and tastemakers, seeking to shape the future aesthetic. Otherwise, they may have just been Embraced by their sire just in order to preserve their otherwise fleeting beauty. [wiki]


The Tremere are the feared and respected Warlocks of Kindred society, having earned their place amongst the Vampires due to their strict hierarchy, secretive and studious nature, and their mastery over 'Thaumaturgy', otherwise known as blood magic. [wiki]


One of the proudest lines of Vampires, the Ventrue are identified by their reputation of honor, genteel mannerism and leadership. They are known to be the Clan of Kings and have long been embraced from ranks of nobility and privilege. They are blue-blooded monarchs and CEOs, wealthy benefactors and commanding military leaders, ruling the night with an iron fist. While other clans play at politics, study philosophy or patronise the arts, Clan Ventrue focuses on the one thing that truly matters: power. Rulership is in your blood, and rare is the Ventrue who does not feel a need to command. Ventrue are a cunning breed, educated, erudite, equally capable with a sword as a pen. [wiki]


Based on your character concept, select 3 different Influences to begin each game with. You may purchase more as you grow your character.

Code of Conduct

Dance of the Dead LARP is a place where people of many cultures, ages, interests, and backgrounds assemble to roleplay and explore. This code of conduct exists to ensure that play happens as safely as possible. We expect everyone to follow this code (and Singapore law) during the game and online to make Dance of the Dead a safe environment for fellow participants. [download .pdf]



All participants must be at least 18 years old to play. No minors are allowed.


What happens in the game, stays in the game. Void Deck Games reserves the right to refuse service and remove players who are being disruptive, abusive and/or pose a danger to themselves, other players or staff, without issuing a refund.


No harassment of fellow participants and staff. Void Deck Games is a diverse community that welcomes all ethnicities, genders, religions, sexual orientations and national origins.


Do not endanger yourself or others by running, jumping or climbing up structures while playing the game. If a person makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, tell them immediately to stop, before contacting a Storyteller or Coordinator. If you have been triggered and need to step out of character, we have an easily accessible decompression room for everyone to use.


Dance of the Dead is an alcohol-free LARP. Do not attend the game if you are intoxicated.


All physical contact must be consensual. Seek verbal consent before engaging another person in a scene.


For safety reasons, actually drinking or using real blood, or similar stunts that may break laws or cause physical harm are specifically not allowed. If in doubt, clear it with the Executive Team first.


No actual weapons are allowed. Costume weapons must be cleared with Void Deck Games via email before the game.


Respect your fellow players. Respect everyone’s personal space.


You will be playing a game where photography and video recording may occur, and consent to the material to be released for publicity.


Costuming is encouraged. When in doubt, wear black.

Returning Players - How to Level Up

What are Blood Coins?

Blood Coins have been minted from the blood of Caine. They are used as a form of currency between players to trade for favours, or may be collected like experience points to level up your character’s powers and abilities.

Your Blood Coins are cumulative, and bound to your account, not character. Creating a new character does not reset your Blood Coin total.

If I played Episode 1, can I continue the story as the same character?

Yes! See below on how to level up.

If I have already played Episode 2, can I play again as the same character?

No. Please create a new character. Each character may only exist once in the story continuity. Your new alternate character still has access to your Blood Coin in your account.

How do I level up?
  1. Combat Attack +1 (5 BC)
  2. Combat Defense +1 (5 BC)
  3. Power Attack +1 (5 BC)
  4. Power Defense +1 (5 BC)
  5. Health Pool +1 (5 BC)
  6. Blood Pool +1 (5 BC)
  7. Clan Discipline Power
    • Learn Basic (5 BC)
    • Learn Intermediate (5 BC)
    • Learn Advanced (10 BC)
    • Add a new non-clan Discipline Power (Ask someone with the power to teach it to you; 10 BC for Basic / 5 BC Intermediate / 10 BC Advanced)

You may spend Blood Coins once in each of the 7 categories on your character sheet, during each session. For example, if you had 10 Blood Coins, you could level up a Discipline Power to Intermediate, and your Power Defense once each. You may not level up 2 different Powers.

After your booking is complete, you'll receive an email to a form to register and level up your character. Please contact us if you have any questions.

New players are always welcome! Continue your story in the Anarch Fight Club.