Dance of the Dead (2019)


Dance of the Dead is VDG's inaugural Vampire Live Action Roleplaying Game, a persistent world adventure into the dark and horrifying world of the living dead.

The Camarilla invites you to a night of music, secrets and debauchery. Dance to hypnotic beats. Drink sweet coppery nectar from throbbing veins. But maintain the secrecy of the Masquerade.

Set in an alternate, present day Singapore, the story opens in Elysium, a safe (by the average vampire's standards) neutral ground where the undead meet and plot their nefarious schemes.

Players sign up as an immortal vampire or a human blood doll in a party to die for.

Event Details
1st run: 2 Nov 2019
2nd run: 14-15 Dec 2019

spoilers ahead

The monsters call themselves ‘Kindred’.

For two hundred years, these immortal vampires influenced the fate of our island city from the shadows. Through the power of blood and wealth, the Kindred have infiltrated institutions and organisations at all levels of society. From government ministries to street gangs, no one is safe from the sway of blood drinking monsters.

You are a Kindred of the Camarilla. A secret coven that upholds the Masquerade -- an iron clad rule that commands vampires to hide their existence from humanity.

The Eldest has summoned you. And when the Prince of the City summons his court, none can refuse his command.



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What is a LARP?

LARP is an acronym for Live Action Role Playing. It is a roleplaying game where players dress up as their character, in costume.

Dance of the Dead is a story where you roleplay as a vampire in the World of Darkness, and alternate version of Singapore, where supernatural monsters and magic exist.

I have never played a LARP before. What should I expect?

Most of our players have never experienced a Larp before either, as they are fairly uncommon in Singapore. We have designed this game as a gentle introduction to Larping. It is set in a warehouse where the Prince of the City, the local ruling vampire, is holding court and throwing a rave for his followers. This series of stories are episodic, so you may continue to play and grow your character in future games.

Before the game begins, a Storyteller will issue players with game tokens and explain the basic rules of the game. You will learn how to use your supernatural vampiric powers, safety (physical and mental), as well as the basic etiquette of playing in a LARP. You will then be free to roam the warehouse rave area and interact with other players, NPCs and engage with the unfolding story.

Will I have a specific mission to carry out?

The primary goal for most Larpers is to have fun roleplaying a character.

As a new player, you will be issued a secret story goal, unique to your character, before the game. More goals and hooks can be discovered as you talk to NPCs and get involved in conspiracies within the story. If you feel lost or bored, you may also approach a Storyteller for help. As you become a more seasoned player in the game, you'll work with Storytellers to set your own goals that are tailored to your character’s ambitions.

Does my character have to complete these missions?

Vampire the Masquerade is similar to Game of Thrones. Characters belong to rival vampire clans that seek power and domination over their rivals. An elder of your clan may order you to accomplish a task. This could be to spy on an enemy, blackmail a friend, spread rumours about the Prince or even murder a traitorous clansman. It is your choice whether to obey your clan’s de facto leaders or face the consequences of rebellion.

Is this like an escape room? Is this like interactive theatre?

Dance of the Dead shares some puzzle-solving elements of escape room and performative elements of interactive theatre. The main draw of a Vampire LARP is to scheme, connive and create drama through roleplaying with your friends and community.

Is this official World of Darkness material from White Wolf?

We have greatly simplified the game mechanics and disciplines to encourage first-time LARPers, hence it is not official WoD material. As game designers, our goal is to lower the barriers to entry for new players to experience an introduction to LARP in the World of Darkness.

Dark Pack: Portions of the materials are the copyrights and trademarks of White Wolf Entertainment AB, and are used with permission. All rights reserved. For more information please visit

Will a specific character be assigned to me?

You may choose a clan during ticketing, and we will email you a choice of premade characters for each clan. You can decide your backstory and how you became a vampire. Seasoned players may create their own character concepts in the future.

What is the significance of choosing a clan?

Each vampire clan has a unique culture and playstyle. The Ventrue and Tremere are highly organised and effective but can be hierarchical and oppressive to underlings. The Malkavians are free-spirited, but vicious and completely insane pranksters. The Nosferatu are a big ugly family who live under your toilet and like to listen in. The Toreador may have a good eye for art and politics, but are also are bitchy artists and influencers. The Brujah are angry gangbangers who rage against the ‘system’. These are just basic stereotypes of each clan, but they may affect your roleplaying behavior or inform your choice of attire.

Each clan also has a different set of vampiric powers. For example, The Ventrue have Dominate (mind control), Presence (supernatural charisma) and Fortitude (superhuman toughness). The Nosferatu, on the other hand, have Obfuscate (invisibility), Animalism (animal control) and Potence (superhuman strength).

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Yes. Players must agree to our Code of Conduct before joining the game. We aim to be inclusive, because participation is something we believe in. We also have a Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Will there be fighting?

Dance of the Dead is a salon LARP. Physical fighting isn’t allowed in this game. All conflicts are resolved through a dice-roller on your smartphone and our contact-free game system.

Will I get my clothes get dirty during this experience?

Not unless you want to.

Do I have to come in costume?

Costuming isn't compulsory, but it is encouraged. Most players tend to dress up, as it helps them feel more immersed in their characters and the world. Elysium is air-conditioned, but the rest of the warehouse is not.

Do I actually have to dance?

Not unless you want to. The vampire rave is a backdrop to the story, our homage to the iconic scene in the 90s movie, ‘Blade’. Sequels will have different sets.

What if I feel uncomfortable during the experience?

Please inform a Storyteller if you feel disturbed, distressed or uncomfortable in the game. A member of staff will help you decompress in a private room.

Is the gaming material dyslexia-friendly?

Dyslexia-friendly character sheets will be printed on request before the game.

How accessible is your location?

The game takes place on the second floor of a warehouse. There is a wheelchair-accessible ramp to the lift lobby and a lift to the second floor. An accessible toilet is also conveniently located at the second floor. Please inform us when you purchase your ticket (or in advance) so we can make adequate preparations for your gaming comfort.